3 Types of Exfoliants and Why They Are Good For Your Skin

There are a lot of important reasons to take care of your skin, especially during the long cold winters in Melbourne.  And while this process and the products you use may look a little different for each individual, there is one skin ritual that has a lot of added benefits for all skin types… Exfoliation! 

Exfoliation is the action of removing old skin cells, to reveal smooth and fresh skin.  While our skin does naturally exfoliate itself, as we get older and with the impacts of environmental stresses on our skin, this function of natural shedding or exfoliation can decline, so we need to give our skin a little helping hand to maintain a fresh, healthy glow. 

There are many key benefits to exfoliating your skin, including: 

#1 It reduces the appearance of rough, dry skin.

#2 It helps reduce the look of hyperpigmentation.

#3 It assists in achieving better penetration and activation of other skin products.

#4 It helps prevent clogged pores that can lead to breakouts.

#5 It will help your makeup sit better and stay fresher for longer.

But with so many exfoliators out there, it is hard to sometimes tell which one is right for you and your skin type.  So with the help from the team at Aspect Skincare, let’s take a closer look at what exfoliant is the right fit for your skin.

Mechanical/Physical Exfoliants​

What it is: Formulated with micro-particles that are made from ingredients like salt, sugar or biodegradable beads, these are used to gently roll over the skin and assist with buffing and polishing off dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft.

Who should use it:  These products are perfect for most skin types and are commonly found where beauty products are sold.  However if you do have very sensitive skin including inflamed acne or rosacea, these may not be the solution for you.  If you are using a mechanical exfoliant, we would generally recommend that you incorporate exfoliating into your skincare regime at least 1-2 times a week to keep your skin healthy, smooth and glowing.

Product to try: Aspect Illuminating Polish

This is a perfect choice for those that like the feel of mechanical exfoliation. This triple-action exfoliant combines Ecoscrub with enzymes and AHA’s to gently polish, removing lifeless cells. Your skin is left feeling instantly smoother and more radiant.

Enzyme Exfoliants

What it is: Commonly extracted from fruits like pineapples and papaya, enzyme exfoliants are incredibly underrated in the exfoliant world. In a nutshell enzyme exfoliants work by dissolving dead skin cells that have built up on the skin’s surface over time.  They are effortless, and have an amazing result!

Who should use it: Considered gentler than mechanical exfoliants, Enzyme exfoliants are ideal for delicate or sensitive skin types as they are not as abrasive, and are incredibly easy to use.

Product to try: Invigorate your skin with Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask, an exfoliating gel mask that harnesses the power of fruit enzymes to help remove lifeless skin cells, revealing a smoother, more radiant-looking appearance.

Chemical Exfoliants

What it is: There are two types of chemical exfoliants, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) and Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA). While an acid exfoliant might sound scary, but we are here to assure you that AHA’s and BHA are commonly sourced from naturally found botanical extracts and have a gentle yet very effective action when breaking up and dissolving away dead skin cells.  Because of their gentle nature, AHA’s are great exfoliating agents for dry and/or sun damaged skins.  As a bit of a bonus, they are also powerful skin hydrators, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and dewy.

Who should use it: A BHA is suited to oily skin or typical oily areas on the face such as pores, where they can help lift skin cells that can be glued down with oil and reduce surface shine, leaving the skin clear, refined and beautifully mattified.

Product to try: If you like to keep things super simple and not have to remember when you exfoliated last, we would recommend you introduce a chemical-based daily exfoliant in your regimen such as Aspect Exol LAspect Exfol L is a lightweight exfoliating smoothing serum. This serum does the work for you – containing AHA’s and skin supporting botanicals, Aspect Exfol L will be your nightly must have serum as it will help smooth your skin and prepare it for the application of active ingredients, boosting their ability to penetrate better.

Exfoliation is an important part of any skin care routine. It not only leaves your skin looking and feeling great, but it also helps improve the overall health of your skin – which will only lead to increased confidence and radiance (bonus!). If you are still a little unsure which type of exfoliant is right for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Nurse Alysha to book a consultation or a treatment.