Hayfever Treatment – HayTox

“HayTox” is a Hayfever Treatment that has proven to significantly reduce hay fever symptoms or even completely reduce hay fever symptoms.  “HayTox” works by blocking the receptors in your nasal cavity, your nasal cavity receptors are very tiny (so tiny there are about 10 million of them). Hay fever causes cold-like signs and symptoms, such as a runny nose, itchy/watery eyes, congestion,sneezing and sinus pressure.But unlike a cold, hay fever is not caused by a virus.

What can cause Hay Fever?
Hay fever can be triggered by so many different kinds of things, such as; Outdoor or indoor allergens, pollen, dust mites or even tiny flecks of skin and saliva shed by your pets.
Not only can Hay fever be horrible but it can get in the way of special occasions, affect your ability to perform at work or school and just in general it can be an absolute pain. Putting up with persistent and annoying symptoms is now a thing of the past.

Although Hay fever can strike at any time of year, it is mostly associated with the warmer weather. As we head into spring, we have warmer days with winds that push all the pollen from the blossoming flowers into the air. Heading to a picnic in the park can sound lovely but only if you remember to pack your nasal spray, antihistamines and everything else you can think of to stop that runny, burning eyes and sinus pressure.

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Hay Fevers real name is Allergic rhinitis

Hay Fever affects around 18% of people (children and adults) in Australia and New Zealand.

Complications of untreated allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever) includes sleep disturbance, headaches, lack of concentration, daytime tiredness, sinus infections in adults and ear infections in children.

“HayTox” is administered in our clinic by professionals. The treatment is made up of an anti wrinkle medication and sterile normal saline (salty water) that is sprayed up the nostrils until all the solution is used. This treatment costs $199 and last upto 3-4 Months, perfect for getting through Hay fever season.
If you are interested in seeking help for your Hay fever, Alysha is located in several different locations. Alysha is based in Mt Eliza, Mornington, Somerville, Ocean Grove and Mordialloc.