The effects of alcohol on your filler

In the spirit of Christmas, I thought we should talk about something that is very big in Aussie culture and that is getting on the drinks especially around the Christmas period.

As we come to a close each year, the amount of Christmas and New Year functions increase, more of our friends seem to be getting married during Summer, you’re in a relationship now so it’s not just your Christmas function you’re off to, now you have theirs to attend as well. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, boxing day, New years UGH so much drinking. Even if you are having one drink at every event, it is enough to take its toll on your body.

Now, let’s throw in the fact you have recently had some filler done to look good over the Christmas break. You had your lips done, then went out to your work Christmas party, had a few drinks, had a little party and off you went home, fake lashes just hanging on, jumped into bed and forgot to grab yourself some water.

When getting filler injected into your lips, it is highly recommended that you do not drink alcohol for 24 hours after receiving your treatment. Drinking alcohol thins your blood and causing more bruising. Other effects of alcohol is that it is very dehydrating, that’s why you find yourself reaching for any form of liquid in the middle of the night. When having filler injected into your lips you are told not to expose yourself to excess heat or exercise due to the same effect.

If you are looking for the best result, it is suggested that you stay clear of alcohol, hot beverages or food as the numbing effect doesn’t wear off straight away and you can burn yourself. Smoking can cause dehydration and something called “Smokers Holes” which are little indents in your lip from where your cigarette sits between your lips.

We also suggest ice your lips slightly to reduce swelling and reduce bruising. A lot of clients can be shocked by the size of their lips due to swelling, so helping reduce the swelling, which will give you a much nicer look a lot sooner.

Always remember to look after your treated areas for the best result, the lip area is one of the most sensitive on the body, The skin is slightly thinner and the lips have thousands of nerve endings. Receiving filler is a treatment you should take seriously and make sure you follow the after care instructions given to you by Peninsula Aesthetics.

Make sure to keep your fluids up, ice your lips when possible and the swelling should go down within a couple of days.

If you are looking at other ways to help with your treatment and have the best outcome possible, speak with Alysha at your next appointment.
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