Myth – Busting Lip Filler with Peninsula Aesthetics

One of our most popular treatments is lip filler, but it is also one of the treatments we offer that is most confusing for people. They don’t understand what it involves or what the results will be. What comes to mind if we say “lip injections?” For many, they immediately think of duck lips or similar because they see a dodgy injection job on a reality tv show. 

Let’s just say, it’s so much more than this, and most of what you are thinking probably isn’t true. This is why we decided to write this article. We wanted to bust some of the myths associated with lip filler so you can come and get treatment with more confidence.

Myth 1 - Lip Filler is a Painful Experience

The first question we often get asked is whether lip filler treatments are a painful experience. For most, lip filler won’t hurt a bit and most of the time, if anyone experiences anything it’s mild discomfort at best. 

You may feel a slight sting when the injection is made, but you can minimise this discomfort by placing ice on your lips before your treatment. 

Myth 2 - Regular Lip Filler Treatment Will Cause Your Lips to Sag

Many worry that regular lip filler treatments will cause their lips to stretch and eventually sag. This simply won’t happen as the ingredients in lip filler injections actually stimulate the production of collagen. This collagen actually stimulates your lips and will help encourage firmness, even after the treatment has worn off.

Myth 3 - Lip Filler Will Give You Duck Lips

Okay, we mentioned it in the opening paragraph but it is worth discussing again. The ingredients in lip filler will not cause you to get duck lips. Those horror stories that you have seen on reality tv are not a result of the lip filler, they are usually the result of inexperienced people making the injection.

Myth 4 - Permanent Lip Filler Treatments Are Your Best Option

We don’t recommend permanent lip filler because, as you naturally age, the rest of your face changes. Your lips can change too. If you had permanent lip filler, this could begin to look strange. A treatment you get in a couple of years may be a different treatment to the lip filler treatment you get today.

Myth 5 - Anyone Can Administer a Lip Filler Treatment

Don’t risk your lip filler injections to someone that isn’t a trained and qualified professional. Make sure you only see an expert when it comes to lip filler. That is, unless you want to be one of the statistics, unless you want to be one of those horror stories on reality television. 

Look, we get it. We understand that a new treatment, any cosmetic treatment really, can be a little scary before you have experienced the treatment the first time. If you are interested in discussing lip filler further, and whether it would be suitable for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a no obligation chat.