Snatched Jawline

Since coming out of lockdown, I have noticed my business boom! As the pandemic hit, we found ourselves more and more on zoom or video calls and let’s face it, it is really hard not to look at ourselves in those things. We have noticed more about faces and noticed more about what we do not like. I’ve had men and women of all ages come to me with lists of things they want “fixed”.


Injectables have become the “go-to” for beauty treatments, once upon a time it was such a taboo topic, very hush-hush. Women would lie about ever having anything done, men would not have even dreamed of getting work done, now! Girls and boys as young as 18 have jumped on the bandwagon.

As injectables grow and grow into the most popular trend, we can pretty much treat every inch of a person’s face. Frown lines, forehead lines, crows feet, lip flips the list goes on and on, but we are not here to talk about the basics anymore, we are here to spill the tea on what is happening NOW! I am talking about a snatched jawline! Full disclosure, jawline filler is not a new treatment but in the last few years it has gained a lot of popularity amongst the naturally weak jawed masses.

No, let’s be real, who hasn’t looked at a perfect jawline and thought to themselves “Has that been chiselled by Greek gods?” Who wouldn’t benefit from the perks of jawline filler? Who doesn’t love the idea of a slim, well defined and chiseled jawline?
There is just something so visually stunning about a man with a strong jawline or a woman with a jawline that can cut through ice!

So what is a strong jawline?

To answer your question, I will have to ask you a question
Can you easily see where your jaw ends and your neck starts?
The external appearance of your mandible (Jawbone) is considered the jawline. A jawline has a more angular and symmetrical shape.

A very strong misconception regarding dermal fillers is that they are only used for one thing and that is to add volume and make features look bigger, it really is not the case at all. Injectables have advanced so much in the last 20 years. Filler is strategically placed by the qualified injector to rejuvenate the affected areas – Whether it be to add volume or structure to the face. By adding structure to the facial features, specifically where there is skin laxity/sagging you are visibly reducing the signs of aging.


The benefits of Jawline Filler include

  • Sculpts and contours the lower face
  • Defines the appearance of the jawline
  • Accentuates the chin
  • Creates a clear separation of the face and neck
  • Decreases the appearance of jowls
    Defines the mandibular angle

When getting your jawline sculpted, your highly skilled injector will be able to identify and enhance your natural mandible angle. By injecting the jawline they will create a clear separation between the face and the neck which will have a slimming effect.

To be able to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing result, the face should be divided into equal horizontal thirds (upper, middle and lower). A knowledgeable injector will respect and honour these proportions when injecting areas such as the jawline. The natural contouring and heaviness of the upper portions play a huge role when consulting the amount of the jawline filler. The temples and cheeks influence the jawline and therefore should be taken into consideration when discussing the overall look.

Jawline fillers are not the only treatment options for those to want to achieve the look of a Greek god/goddess.

I have been a cosmetic injector for many years now and have many clients across the Mornington peninsula. If you are looking for a slimmer jawline or a snatched jawline if you will, I would love to book you in for a consultation. I specialise in all things injectable and love helping people achieve their best selves.

During the lockdown, it has been hard to remind ourselves to put us as number one, we all need a bit of a freshen up and to take time for ourselves once in a while.

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