Hylauronic Acid filler

Spotlight On: Hylauronic Acid Filler

Why Was Filler First Developed?

Injectable filler has been one of those miracle treatments that was invented in the 1800’s to restore fat, structure to defects, lost volume and scarring. Although this treatment was invented for medical reasons, you would still class the reasoning behind the treatment as cosmetic. Fast forward more than 100 years later men and women around the world have had many MLs of filler injected into their faces.

In the beginning people pushed the boundaries and we saw many over filled and pillow faced people. It went from the Angelina Jolie full lipped smile to the over filled duck lips and migrated filler to now trying to achieve a much more natural aesthetic and undetectable appearance.

What Are Fillers?

There are various types of filler. Hyaluronic filler, often referred to as HA filler is a gel that is injected into areas of the face. HA filler is made up of a complex sugar that is naturally produced in the human body. HA fillers help to hydrate, add volume to the skin and the underlying soft tissue just below the surface. HA Fillers can be injected into different parts of your face including around the eyes, cheeks, mouth, lips, jawline, and temple.

How Do HA Fillers Work?

Within our bodies, we naturally produce collagen and elastin, this is what gives us our plump youthful appearance, but as we age we stop producing as much, our skin doesn’t bounce back like it used to, our cheeks aren’t as full.

In addition, changes occur to the fat and bone structure to our faces from our 20s.  We start to progressively lose facial volume, definition and the appearance of fine lines start to appear. HA filler to the appropriate areas can restore and rejuvenate the affected areas.

More commonly now, HA filler is used to enhance certain features such as jawline, lips and cheeks. As generations become more subjected to treatments and it becomes more and more normal, we find that the younger people have started getting treatments done earlier in life, opposed to trying to turn back the hands of time as they get older.

How To Look Youthful Without Looking OVERdone?

We lose facial volume as we age which results in laxity of the skin and deepening of facial lines and wrinkles.  If we replace these key areas with HA filler and give facial volume in the correct areas, this will result in a more youthful appearance.  Deeper lines such as the nasolabial folds and marionette lines can be filled in using various techniques such as ferning to give it a subtle and soft look.  Finally, fillers can be used to soften transition zones in the face which give an aged look to the face such as the lower eyelid and cheek junction or teartrough.  Common places to place filler are the lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, temples, chin, and the jawline.

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