Types of Lips and Fillers

When looking at lip enhancement, you first need to ask yourself why you need filler. Do you have uneven lips, smoker lines, thin lips, etc.? The technique that is used will differ depending on the type of outcome you are trying to achieve. 

Flat Upper Lip

There are options when it comes to a flat upper lip. Is it less voluminous than the bottom lip, or do you have a ‘gummy’ smile? For the latter, you may just need a small amount of botox (anti-wrinkle treatment) to ‘flip’ the lip out, producing a fuller top lip without the need for filler. Of course, if you still have a thin lip and/or a ‘gummy’ smile is not the problem, then a tiny amount of filler injected into the upper lip can help. Or even go one step further and put a small amount in your lower lip and a bit more in your upper lip, to not only even your lips out but to give a voluminous pout.

Wrinkled Lips

Lip wrinkles, sometimes called lip lines, are tiny vertical lines that form on the lips as we age. Lip wrinkles can be seen on the lips themselves as well as the area of skin around the lips, most of the time, it’s around the upper lip due to aging and/or smoking. They become obvious to the eye and can stretch from one end of the mouth to the other. When foundation or lipstick is applied, the product can settle within these lines, making them appear deeper and darker than they are. In addition, wrinkles above the lip, which appear as vertical lines, are often more visible and pronounced than those on the actual lips.

Adding a thin lip filler can improve the appearance of fine lines of the lips, whilst  applying micro amounts around the outside of the lines or injecting botox can significantly reduce the appearance of lip lines by decreasing the movement of the muscles.

Full Lips

Whilst full lips is often the goal, we still want to ensure a well defined cupid bow. A small amount of thin filler can be used to create a more defined lip line without makeup.

Thin Lips

For people with thin lips, a solution can be to improve your volume through lip fillers. This is a process where the lips are injected with 0.5ml or 0.8ml of filler using a thin or small filler type. As a result, the lips become fuller and their definition more obvious. At the same time, it can also produce a more pronounced pout without being very noticeable. If you are after a more noticeable pout you can opt to go for more volume such as 1-2ml in the top and lower lips (balanced based on your original lip definition).

Uneven Lips

Are your lips not symmetrical? Adding a tiny bit of filler to the uneven side of your lips over multiple sessions can result in a more symmetrical smile, with or without adding more as required. 

Oversized or Drooping Lower Lip

Oversized lower lips can occur later in life as the amount of collagen we have reduces. A small amount of thin filler can be used to bring back the beautiful full lips you once had.

M-Shaped Lips

M-shaped lips feature more volume in the central tubercle and less in the lateral ones, resulting in an M-like shape. When gently closed, these lips often display two gaps on either side, where the teeth are visible due to the central tubercle touching the lower lip. Paradoxical indentation, a lip filler technique that pulls lips inwards rather than pushing them out, requires precision and skillful hands due to its complexity. Massaging the lips prematurely may extend the recovery period.

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